Our Story – Kimiya

Our Story

Land and water, fire and ice, yin and yang: there’s something about mingling these opposites that just works. Such dynamic duos balance and keep one another in check while simultaneously building something beautiful. This is the essence of KIMIYA (pronounced ‘Kim-ee-ah’). Our jewelry embodies a laid-back luxury and cool glamour. Designed by sister-in-laws Christina Rahimzadeh and Cait Kaufman, the brand draws inspiration from its Middle Eastern roots. 

We draw on ancient symbols and languages, embracing our Persian influence and mixing this detailed golden opulence with seemingly simple, easy to wear pieces. We love to stack different pieces together, mixing and matching to create unique layered looks. We also blend new and recycled, gold and diamonds, which creates a level of sustainability echoing our actual lifestyle. A portion of our proceeds goes to local organizations.

KIMIYA itself is a Persian word meaning ‘alchemy’—the seemingly magical process of transformation and creation. That is what our jewelry is designed to do. Transform, empower, and lead you to realize the most beautiful and magical aspects of yourself. We craft every piece in solid gold and handpick each precious gem and diamond in the designs. The process is long, but beautiful things are worth the wait. We hope you can find a piece within the collection that speaks to you. We believe you deserve a little piece of magic.